Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the ending of an era

I find it interesting that I begin my blogging journey during the passing of a political icon, the liberal lion, Teddy Kennedy. I said to Scott tonight I think it is interesting that of all the Kennedy's, Teddy had the least amount of "celebrity" (by Kennedy standards anyway) yet when it is all said and done he worked the hardest.

This morning when I entered into my morning routine of sitting at my desk at work eating breakfast checking facebook I quickly becoming enraged because somebody had what I perceived as "negatively commenting" on my post because they didn't agree with me "politically".

To make a long story short my status was:

RIP Liberal Lion...the Health Care fight will miss you!

I had a couple responses that immediately pointed out the "Chappaquiddick incident"

I quickly jumped to the left and wrote:

Many think the worst thing that ever happened to TK was that car falling into the river, an affair gone wrong. Caught, troubled and hopes of becoming president, a family tradition, perhaps destiny, gone forever. It is tragic that a young woman lost her life that night; a lesson that would haunt TK for the rest of his life.
That moment was the
defining moment of TK's career. With the dream gone he had to dig deep and look at what his new destiny might be. Because he screwed up so badly it gave him an ability to understand that nobody is perfect and he had compassion for all people, especially the less fortunate. TK reached across party lines on more than one occasion if he felt the "cause" would benefit in the end.
So yes ladies you have made me find my inner "lion" this morning. “We know the future will outlast all of us, but I believe that all of us will live on in the future we make.” -
TK That is the part of TK that I will remember.

After giving it a lot of thought today I have decided that lately I have not been like Ted Kennedy at all , I have been so caught up in being on the "left" side that I have forgotten what it is I care about. Have I really sunk to the level of exactly what totally freaking annoys me about the "right", (which is that no matter whether or not I take the time to learn and educate myself on an issue I just draw a line in the sand and step to the side that suits me)???

Yep I'm doing that and I'm going to stop! That is officially what I'm going to take away from the ending of the era... the idea that I am for the "cause" not the side. It should be interesting to see how this plays out!

However I would like to point out- I am for the healthcare, I totally support gay marriage and I'm not totally against the legalization of marijuana, hmmm... Time will tell!

So first blog complete and I don't feel an urge to interrupt myself so I guess it was successful. Stay tuned.

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