Thursday, March 4, 2010

Attempting to Balance it all...

Today I am not finding the irony in the fact that my Senior Final Project for my degree was a presentation on Balancing Work and Family. Seriously I hate to tell you Marilyn Coleman (my professor) I don't know anything about balancing work and family. Glad I passed then I feel like I would surely fail now.

I never knew how many social roles I would take on as a "responsible" adult. Mother, Therapist, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Sister, and Aunt. I now feel like I need to add Mother of a child with Autism to the list of roles, I'm trying so desperately not to label my son yet I'm quickly labeling myself. Should it really make me different, does it make me different? Heck I don't know but it sure feels like I'm sinking into a hole of self-pity and I need to dig my way out and quick.

Solution-I am going to turn my newly found desire for blogging to continue to vent frustrations but also to blog about the positive things we are doing with Rye and Wyatt for that matter. Perhaps if I share the positive and somebody else can share in the positive it will be more than just the ranting and raving of a "Mother of a son with Autism".

One thing that has appeared to work for Rye is using social stories and pictures to explain, predict or remind of social "rules".

The following is an example of a Social Story we used with Rye when he was having difficulty with other children touching his Legos and difficulty with not wanting to take his Legos apart at the end of the day:

My name is Rye.

I am in Kindergarten at Cedar Ridge Elementary School. We are the Cardinals. I am in

Mrs. Allen’s Class. I also go to Adventure Club.

Sometimes I get mad and sad at school and at Adventure Club. about my Legos.

I don’t like it when people touch my Legos or take them apart. The Lego rules at school and at Adventure Club are that Legos are put away and taken apart at the end of the day every day. If I want to keep my Legos together for a long time I need to build a ship or machine at home. At homeI can keep my Legos together for a long time.

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