Sunday, March 7, 2010

eye contact is it important? do sensory diets help?

Posting two videos in which Rye has pretty good eye contact. After Rye engages in heavy work climbing over the monkey bars 4 times and running from one pirate ship to the next while sword fighting with me, followed by climbing the monkey bars one more time as directed by me as part of planned heavy work activities. The difference in eye contact is remarkably better. The final time back across the monkey bars he actually looks back at me to look at me!



This is the sensory/self-regulation piece of Autism that I do not understand. When Rye's body appears to be regulated he is better able to engage socially. How can we figure out what his body needs and when he needs it? Today Rye appeared to need lots of physical heavy work to appear regulated that is not always the case. Sometimes heavy work gets him too excited.

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