Sunday, March 7, 2010

turn off the television

Rye loves loves loves to watch TV. So many children do. I do believe that the autism "world" that he frequently hides in is full of scripted scenes and pictures from movies that he has watched. His speech is scripted and his play reflects the movie world. It is another way that he chooses to not engage with others appropriately. TURN OFF the TV!! The less amount of time that children with autism spend unengaged, in my opinion, the worse they are. This is why ABA therapy works. Children with autism need to spend their time engaged in activities with others. I believe Rye has benefited from having a sibling close in age because he has had to engage and he likes to engage with Wyatt.

At my house we have fallen victim to the park them in front of the television more than we need to. Let's face it when you have a child who is capable of getting into anything but won't move a muscle if a movie is on it is just easier. I am making a packed with myself as of today unless it is a special event or do to illness Friday and Saturdays are the only days the boys will watch movies with a limit of 3 movies a week. That is still a lot but I am trying to be realistic.

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