Saturday, April 24, 2010

Setting Sail...

We have been attempting to find a way to motivate the boys to remember the rules and expectations at home. These have been particularly difficult for Rye. I attended an informative session on Token Economy systems at the Autism Conference and I figured why not give it a try.

I learned that sticking to particular "liked" or "favorite" themes was the way to go so of course we decided to stick with the Pirate theme that Rye and Wyatt are obsessed with at the moment. It is pretty simple. I set up "Ship Rules" that the boys need to follow. Some are easy like take your shoes off when you come in the house, others are harder and geared toward Rye like don't bring sticks in the house (which he is wanting to do like crazy!).

Rye and Wyatt earn gold coins when we "catch them" being good and following the rules. When they earn 10 gold coins they get to pick a "prize" out of the treasure chest. They are loving it!!

I think it is also great that we are using this with Wyatt who I worry feels "left out" a lot.

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