Saturday, May 15, 2010

engaged in the world

We have had a great week on the autism front! HB 1311 passed the Missouri House and Senate and is heading to Governor Nixon's desk. The bill passing will make it possible for individual's covered by group plans who work for small to medium size companies that have plans managed by the state access up to $40,000 per year in therapies. The therapies include speech, occupational, physical and behavioral. The even better news is that this will affect our coverage and Rye will (effective January 2011) be covered for behavioral therapy.

Rye was observed for 3 hours by his implementer and Dr. Love from the Thompson Center last Friday. We will have another meeting with them in a week before we start the first of 10 intensive sessions with the implementer at the Thompson Center over the next 2 months. Rye will also FINALLY start speech therapy outside of school with the University of Missouri Language Lab on June 14th! We are very excited about finally making it to the top of the list. We have also been accepted into the two week intensive family program at Touch Point Autism Services. We will be taking a break from work and school for two weeks in August and the entire family will participate in 80 hours of training. We are excited to start services with Touch Point as Wyatt will be able to attend all of the Sibling Shops that they offer to help him to better understand why we are running all over the place taking his big brother to therapy so many times a week.

All of the above sounds so crazy but it all makes me feel so hopeful for continued progress. Since Rye has started having a para professional with him more at school and has been receiving speech therapy 3 days a week I can't even believe the difference in such a short amount of time. I really believe that he is engaging in our world more and spending a lot less time in his. We are feeling very hopeful and we are so proud of Rye and his progress.

Lots of new experiences on the horizon for the Shade family but we are eager to get started and to continue to see progress.

Wyatt will begin preschool in August after the two week training at Touch Point. He is so excited to be with as he calls it "the children my own age". Wyatt (and Rye for that matter) also continue to enjoy and love music. Dave Matthews Band continues to be at the top of Wyatt's list of favorites. I'm attaching a video of Wyatt singing You and Me Together by Dave Matthews and a video of Rye whistling a Snow White tune.