Sunday, January 2, 2011

Still around Still busy!!

So much for my "I'm going to write more on my blog" thing! It has been another 7-8 months in between entries. I guess I will add it to my new years resolutions. We have had an extremely busy summer and fall. As planned Scott and I both took a leave of absence in August and we participated in the intensive family program at Touchpoint Autism Services. Rye finished up behavior therapy sessions with Janice at the Thompson Center and in September he began a Social Competency Program that consisted of 2 group sessions a week for 12 weeks. He also has received 2 speech therapy sessions a week for the past 6 months and will continue with 2 a week sessions starting again at the end of January.

Having a Para at school has been fantastic and Rye's Speech Pathologist at school is great, working with him 3 days a week. I am so happy to report that he is doing awesome!! I mean really awesome. He is looking at us, talking to us, retelling a story the right way. He does continue to script a lot of his play and conversation however he is more "present" all of the time.

Both boys continue to enjoy 2 a week swimming lessons which continues to help with focus and listening and following directions. Rye has a special connection and bond with his swim coach "Mr. Scott" and we are so happy to have somebody so vested in the kids.

Over the summer I fulfilled a bucket list item and met and attended an all day training with Temple Grandin. All I can say is amazing!! It is so interesting and exciting to meet somebody on the spectrum that has figured their autism out and how to cope. I really am hopeful that Rye will be able to the same if we keep working hard.

Wyatt continues to excel well at everything! He is competitive and sweet natured all at the same time. He started preschool in the fall and is happy with being around more kids his age.

The Shade's are hanging in there!!