Thursday, January 12, 2012

Proud Proud Momma

When we decided to turn my blog into Autism Pirate several months ago we made a list of blog ideas.  I was cruising through my list this morning and found “Rye has to read”.   For the past two years in every school meeting, behavior therapy consultation and speech therapy staffing I have said “Rye has to read”.  It has been my biggest worry for a long time.  How will this boy ever work or live in an apartment independently if he can’t read?  In fact I have jokingly said on more than one occasion that “he has to read, I want him to leave.”  Kidding of course, well maybe not!  I do however hope more than anything that Rye will live independently as an adult.   

I was convinced that reading was going to be an ongoing struggle because we started 2nd grade at Level 1.  Level 1 is where most typically developing kids are during kindergarten.  Well guess what folks…

Rye can read.  Yep that was a Level 10 book.   Proud Proud Momma!  We have a long way to go but when I think about where we started it is simply amazing.  Don’t give up, never give up, keep expectations high and know that no matter how long it takes to master each step there is hope for progress on whatever it is that you are working on.   

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