Monday, March 5, 2012

Moments of clarity

Friday morning Scott woke up to Rye poking him in the head telling him to "wake up"! He said he was going to make breakfast for all of us.

I slept through this whole exchange and woke up several minutes later and heard banging in the kitchen. Scott was back asleep.

I yell downstairs to see what the heck is going on.
Rye yells up, "I waked up and my spidey sense was tingling... it told me to make it look like the map that the kids drew."
 I am confused and half asleep.
"What Rye?"
"I'm making breakfast Mom and I figured it out."
"Figured what out?"
"Silly rabbit tricks are for kids."
"Mom the cereal is not for the rabbit, silly."

I walk down to the kitchen and I find that Rye has in fact made breakfast for the entire family.

Rye is happy and is so proud of what he has done.  He then chimes in with typical Rye scripting of, "I hope the sand man doesn't ruin our breakfast."  I say "what?" and Wyatt translates that "it is from Spiderman."

We finish up breakfast and begin the typical rush of getting dressed, brushing teeth, and (if there is time), brushing hair.  Rye puts on his coat and says to me, "Mom, I feel lost from my dreams. That is what is bothering me. My little bug Rye takes everything in my eye and I can't remember."  

All of this seems silly and does not make a lot of sense for people who don't know Rye but I really think he was trying to tell me that he sees things in his mind's eye and he can't really  figure it out, but he is trying his best to make sense of it all.  As parents of children on the spectrum we have to take these moments to interpret what our child is really trying to say.  Even though it doesn't make sense to everybody it makes sense to us because we know our child more than anybody else.  Silly little sayings that "typical" children say on an everyday basis can mean the world to us because even though they are non-nonsensical we know what they mean because they our ours, we get them, we know where they are coming from even though the language doesn't make sense to everybody.  The "moments of clarity" that only our family understands.   

 I live for the moments when Rye is mindful enough to wake us up to make breakfast (on a school day) and it is as if he enters our world for a moment.  The amazing thing is that I feel like he is tapping into my world more and more and I am so excited for all he is learning to communicate on a level that I understand.  Clarity for him, Clarity for me. I love this boy and I am so proud to be a part of his journey.  


  1. Awesome story, Tara! It gave me morning smile:) Have a wonderful Day! I hope Rye has a wonderful day also!
    Hugs to all of you, Nancy