Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rye's friend Roy

Roy G. Biv. You remember that guy. Introduced to you by your favorite art teacher in junior high as a way to remember the colors of the rainbow spectrum. I always remember the difference between Disney World, and Disney Land by the “o” is Florida and the “a” is California. Last night in the truck, Wyatt blurts out “Never Eat Soggy Waffles”… (his way of remembering North, East, South and West). We all have those tricky little ways and acronyms to remember things. Wyatt and I kept coming up with them… Never Eat Shaggy Wool… then we went backwards, Wyatt Shade Eats Noses. And it went on. Rye didn’t chime in, I don’t think he was able to process what we were doing or talking about. But when it comes to colors, he has it down. Down to Roy G. Biv. Now whether he’s conscious of the acronym or not, he will always know the order of colors, as evidenced in the photo below as a way to organize his sharpies.

We’ve talked about Rye’s “rules” in the past and how if there’s rationale behind something, it should be done that way every time. Why would you go a different way home? It doesn’t really make sense. Why would you say “what’s up?” if you didn’t mean what is above you? Why would you break routine?

I can’t crawl into Rye’s brain and explain it, but my best guess is that there’s a lot of missing connectors in Rye’s world and routine, order and rules are a great relief to him. Just like last night when Wyatt and I were coming up with different acronyms for directions, Rye was probably saying to himself, “if Never Eat Soggy Waffles” is what you learned in school, why on earth would you need to come up with more?” I would guess that rules and routine help him automate tasks when so much of life is trial and error. I think he spends a lot of time trying to put the pieces together and WORRYING about how things connect, and why people connect things one way one time and another way the next. And I’m sure it becomes overwhelming. And exhausting.

Our best success with Rye has always been, “first we’re going to eat, then we’re going to put our shoes on, then we’re going outside to play.” Prediction and establishing an order of events has always helped him transition and go with the flow better. There are so many colors that I’m sure Rye is VERY thankful for his friend Roy G. Biv. We’re ALL very thankful that Roy is available to organize Rye’s colors and relieve a little of that chaos.


  1. Your articles make me smile:) You are such understanding parents. Keep up the good work.