Friday, May 18, 2012

The question is? Who cares... Manamana!!

Am  I a Man or am I a Muppet?   Who cares?  Manamana!  

The Muppets are a familiar theme at our house lately.  I’m finding the comparisons pretty interesting these days.  

“Am I a Mannnnn or am I a Muppet, I’m a Muppet of a Man.”   Rye has been belting this out throughout the day and I can’t help but secretly think, I don’t know?  

Why not?  Being a man is hard.    Being a man is something I fear he might always struggle with throughout his life.

Being a muppet?  

It is pretty easy when you think about it.  You get to play a role and “be” somebody else. 

I mean think about it…

GONZO is the spirit of somebody who believes that he can be anything, including a person who can jump from a building without getting hurt while riding a motorcycle through a flame of fire and in the end you are so at peace with yourself that you get to marry a chicken.  

FOZZIE BEAR is somebody who is so confident that he sees himself as fabulous at doing anything,  no matter what life throws his way..  

ANIMAL is a drummer who has the know-how to take a moment and be completely free and do whatever he wants! 

MISS PIGGY brings the drama and gets away with it because it comes from a place of love.  

Last but not least, KERMIT who sees the best in everybody and always expects nothing more than he is willing to give himself.  

Throw it all together and what do you have?  Manamana!  Do Do Do!  Manamana!  Do Do Do!
Everybody has a Manamana.   Do Do Do!  

If you google it...go ahead do it.  

You will quickly find out that yes it is from the Muppets, current version and from the 1970s.  You will also find, according to Wikipedia, that  it is from a 1960s  pseudo-documentary about wild sexual activity and other behavior in Sweden!

I asked Wyatt what Manamana means and he said "it means something fun".  I asked Rye and he said is means "AHHH" and he ran to his drums.  

Manamana is the happiest of all feelings.  

For me, that is a ski lift and pressure to push myself down an “extreme area” with Amoo!  

It means don't worry about all the crap that life sometimes feeds you and just go with the flow! 

 It means be a part of the solution NOT a part of the problem.  

It is also the new thing that I think I am going  to say when someone is staring at me because my kids are doing something the other person thinks they shouldn't be doing.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A letter from Mom...May 8, 2012

 Dear Rye,

Happy 9th Birthday.   I can't believe that you are growing up so fast.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much.  I can't believe it has been nine years since my life changed forever.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Your delivery wasn't easy but the minute the doctor put you on my stomach I knew you were special.  My heart snapped a shot of you laying there and I will never forget it.  My heart grew three sizes that day and it continues to grow a little bit everyday of your life.

I hope when you are older you can read this letter and understand how completely amazing you are.  I hope you are able to look back and understand how hard you have worked from the beginning.   When Dr. Kanne told me you had autism I knew instantly it wasn't going to stop you.  I knew no matter what you would be fine.  You have always been fine, your dad and I are the ones who worry.

We have had nine fabulous years and here are nine things you have taught us:

1.   Sometimes things need order.  It is best when life if predicted and planned.  In reality this helps all of us.  It is okay that you like your world to be this way.  Thanks for giving me a reason to FINALLY get organized!

2.  Silence is comforting.   Sometimes it is okay and completely fabulous to take a moment and be completely wrapped up in yourself. 

3. It is okay to like what you like even if others think it is weird.  Be who you are and let your freak flag fly!.   I will ALWAYS love this about you.

4.  "The force" does exist.  Sometimes it is the strength we all need but can't find.  I'm so glad it will always be with you.  You believe it and we believe it too!

5.  Having "lots" of friends isn't necessary.  As long as you surround yourself with people who love you and understand where you are coming from it is comforting.  Approval of the masses isn't necessary.

6.  Red really is the best color.  I love it, you love it, and being BOLD is completely awesome and brave. 

7.   The ability to be completely accepting of others is a gift.  I see you at Special Olympics and Challenger Baseball and I will forever admire your ability to see a person not a disability.

8. The ability to see what you want to see.  The ability to take a moment to view life from a positive perspective.  There are no inhibitions.  There are no concerns about the judgement of others.

9.  Unconditional love is the most amazing gift of all.

Thank you for loving us and opening your life to us in a way that is not always comfortable for you.  We love you and we will never doubt how much you uniquely love all of us.

Happy 9th Birthday Rye!