Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm lucky

I'm lucky.

I married for love.  The kind of love most people unfortunately don't find.  It wasn't exactly instant or necessarily easy but the kind of love that grows from a commitment of mutual respect and understanding.   In the end this love produces a  fruit that is bountiful because there is a mystical connection that just works.  It doesn't need an explanation it just connects because it is meant to be. 

I am also lucky because I had the opportunity to grow up with a father who loves me unconditionally.  A father who raised me to believe that I could be anybody I wanted to be and with the expectation that I could live my life knowing that as long as I tried my best and told him the truth he would support every endeavor.  Adolescence proved to be a difficult commitment for me to my Father's rules,  but fortunately he was patient and willing to support me through the disaster that was my teenage years! 

I have been so lucky to love two men in my life. My father and now my husband.  When Scott and I first met I was not concerned about what kind of father he would be. I was just happy because he was the kind of man who after three years of dating and (wanting a change of scenery) would open an atlas in a bar and move with me to the page we turned to!  Yep that is how our love affair with one another and with Colorado started.  We opened an atlas and took a chance.

I also am lucky enough to have married a man who moved from the complete freedom of opening an atlas to the absolute commitment of moving from a life full of  easy going beautiful scenery to one of multiple therapy sessions in 90% humidity Missouri because it was best for our family.   

Parenting is hard.   Autism or not I can not imagine trying to do what I do without the love and support of my husband or my mom and dad.  I want to wish a very Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband Scott Shade and my incredible father Bill Johnson.  I have learned so much from both of them.   I am who I am today and our boys are who they are today because of them.  I love you both!  My Daddy and Rye and Wyatt's Daddy.  I'm beyond lucky...I'm blessed. 

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