Thursday, August 9, 2012

Slow and Steady

Sometimes you have to look at where you have been to see how far you have come...

August 2008:  

Scott we are not sending him to kindergarten.  
He is just a boy.
It's not autism, it can't be.
Let’s just wait a year.
He is just not ready, lots of boys benefit from waiting...

August 2009:  

Oh my god he is starting school.
He is okay it's not autism he is just different than other boys. 
have been twice for evaluation, they say keep waiting.
Okay wait.  Call from school.  Day three.  Serious call day 30.
"He is not alright."   I think it is autism.
Okay now wait for a new doctor for six months. Freaking wait lists.
Kindergarten teacher rocks. He loves school and her.

August 2010:  

Okay we've been officially on the spectrum for eight months.
Behavior therapy.   Speech therapy.  Para at school.   Social comp group.  
Stalked Facebook to get pictures of teachers for social story to get dressed and ready in time for school.   Praying daily for progress.  No friends.  No reading.  
Great start to the year.
December… he disappears again.  Rye-where do you go?  
Feeling hopeless but love all the effort of our school.

August 2011:  

Level 1 reading.  No real friends but trying.
Social stories for problem areas but not day to day routines.  Using Rye Cash (token economy). 
Take the plunge into medicine for attention.  
A Team at school that rocks beyond belief.  
Speech therapy. Behavior therapy. Social group.  Special Olympics.  Six medals.
Baseball.  Summer. Social group.

August 2012:  

No social stores needed.  Reading level 12.
My son has autism and I write a blog about it.
"Rye school starts next Thursday remember you need to be prepared for..."
"Mom stop I know what to do". "I hope Anthony and I have recess together".  

We aren't exactly where we want to be-but who is really?  
In reality we are in a place we never thought was possible.
Slow and steady.  
Lots of work. Lots of driving. Hours of therapy. 
Many ups and downs. 
A Team.  A Village.  
A school that is cooperative and focused.  
All completely worth it and one seriously amazing little boy.


  1. Tara, thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world. Well written and thoughtful. Love to you and your sweet family! Miss P