Saturday, March 30, 2013

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Valentines Day! Oh Crap Easter is tomorrow!!

Hello friends!  You may have noticed, we did not send holiday cards this year.  We had plans for a new year's card but that didn't happen either.  We joked that we should send a valentine card but since Easter is tomorrow I think it is safe to say it is just not happening.  We are typically pretty good about getting the card together however this year we were not.   We don't need to get into the details of why we didn't get it we Scott Shade?  :)  We love getting cards from friends and we will be on top of it next year so please don't take us off your list. I thought I would write a blog to update all of you and send it out via email and Facebook so here goes...

As most of you know we write this blog called Autism Pirate.  We were also asked to blog for the Columbia Daily Tribune last year which we do once a month or so.  It's been a little over a year since we decided to get more "serious" about our blogging at Autism Pirate.  A year is a long time but is seems to go by so quickly when your kids are little.  It almost seems like I blink my eyes and wake up to a whole new world.  Rye continues to do well. He receives speech/language therapy two days a week and behavior therapy multiple times a week for individual skills and social group therapy. He loves video games of course which we try to limit because they seem to pull him to a world that is not reality based.  He continues to enjoy Special Olympics and I am now coaching basketball which is fun.

One huge thing this year that has happened is that Rye is HAPPY!  Rye is happy most of the time!  It's amazing.  He is not always engaged but when he is engaged he is happy and most definitely more confident.   I contribute this to stability at school and trying to keep a routine at home as best as we can.  He has amazing teachers and a para professional who "gets him."  We have three folks with him who just get it.  His home room teacher, his special education teacher and his para professional understand him, love him, and most importantly expect the best out of him.  We certainly continue to struggle and wish that many things could be different but most importantly, 90% of the time he is happy.  It is a weight that has been lifted.  Happy just being who he is and (knock on wood) we have not had long periods of depression/sadness for quite some time.  That being said we continue to want more progress and hope to provide Rye with more opportunities in the coming year.

Wyatt is all of a sudden completely grown up and into sports in a crazy fun way.  Scott is so thrilled to have a boy who wants to watch football and basketball with him and ask questions about the teams and cheer and participate in a way that makes him love both sports even more.  Wyatt also officially has long hair.  I don't really know what to think about it.  My Mother hates it, Claudie and Cheryl hate it, and our cousin Ava who cuts the boys hair is absolutely beside herself about it!  Wyatt on the other hand loves it and has proclaimed that he is keeping it.  In our world we are cool with it because to be quite honest it is one less appointment.  Wyatt is also doing very well in school and continues to amaze us with his commitment and passion for learning.  He moves around a lot to different classes for different levels of learning but Ms. Huhman keeps a close eye on him and he is really going to miss her next year after two and a half years of being his teacher.

I continue to work at ACT but have taken on a new position that keeps me very busy.  I am now the Program Manager for In-Home Services.  We have grown a lot and we are serving close to 100 individuals between the two programs and now have more than 60 staff.   Crazy!  I'm hoping for big things to come in the next year that allow my program to provide some additional services that I've wanted to do for a long time.

Scott is crazy busy as usual but keeps the balance and thank goodness helps me so much with everything.  We are happy.  We are busy.  We are doing well.  We have set a goal to blog more and I have a few tucked away.  We will also be posting more from our guest bloggers and adding a few as well.

We want to thank all of you for your continued support for our family.  Many of you read our blog regularly and we so appreciate it!  We also have a Facebook page called Autism Pirate.  Please "like us" and follow our journey.  For those of you have have not read our blog before here are my top 5 favorites on here and at the Tribune:

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Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Easter!

We will be timely about our holiday card next year!!

Love,  Scott, Tara, Rye and Wyatt

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