Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1 of 30- Let your child be who they are and you just might learn something!

April is Autism Awareness month.  30 days.  We are going to share a post a day all month.  30 things we have learned along the way.

Day 1 of 30- Let you child be who they are and you just might learn something!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Rye...

We were at the Shine a Light on Autism Lighthouse Challenge in Hannibal, Missouri.  Scott pledged to climb the stairs of the lighthouse a ridiculous number of times.  He did it.  We were very proud of him.  While we were waiting, they had a bounce house, children's games and face painting.  All the kids were getting the "typical" face painting characters, animals, butterflies, balloons, etc.  Rye sits down and declares that he wants two blue circles around his eyes.  A few kids said "why do you want that?" while giving Rye an odd look.  I asked Rye if he was sure that he wanted blue circles and he replied with his typical "sure I do".

I didn't think another thing about it and I nodded to the face painter telling  her to go ahead.  Rye loved his circles and thanked the face painter saying they were "just right".  We continued with the activities and Scott finished his challenge.  We visited with other families and after an hour or so we decided it was time to leave.  On the way to the car I had to laugh as I saw three children leaving the face painting area with blue circles around their eyes...

Let your kids be who they are and when you least expect it they might surprise you.  Early on in our journey I wanted Rye to be exactly like other children his age.  I worried way to much about what other people might think about him.  I worried a lot that people might think he is weird or odd.  These days I just want him to be happy, be who is and live up to his full potential.  When it comes down to it, that is all that really matters anyway.


  1. As a former teacher I love the uniqueness of each child. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone were the same?

    1. It would be boring Nancy!! Thanks for all the support! Looking forward to seeing you at the walk!!

  2. I love that my son is unique, but sometimes I find myself wishing he could be more like other kids his age. Thanks for reminding me that his uniqueness is something to treasure!