Happy Birthday Wyatt!!


Wyatt is our six-year-old son.  Wyatt is typically developing.  Wyatt makes us laugh everyday.  We felt it was important to include Wyatt in our blogging Journey. This page will be dedicated to documenting all of the funny anecdotes that Wyatt comes up with everyday.  


Wyatt wrote this story today at school. I think it says this..."I like my brother Rye. He has autism. Me and Rye have a Wii. Our games that we have are Skylander and Wii Sports." Man I love this kid. Six-years-old and he just gets it! What a great little brother.

Coming home from sibling group the other night we saw a man running.  Wyatt says, "What is that man doing?" I said running.  Wyatt ,"maybe to catch a cab so he can go to South America.  To see his family."  I asked him what family he had in South America?  He said, "Two aunts, named Cookie and Cocoa."  I asked what he was going to do there?  He said he "was going to give his aunts wet willies and normal stuff like get hugs." 

Christmas 2011
We were unpacking packages at Claudie and Cheryl's and Wyatt was having fun figuring out who had what, etc.  Got to the bottom of the pile.  I said "Wait Wyatt" those are ALL for Nanny we will take them up to her house."  Wyatt said "well what is PaPa Chopped LIVER!"

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